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After years of being known on the VATSIM network as CZWG, we're finally changing things up. Starting on March 25th, 2021, - we're changing our callsign from CZWG to WPG. Here's what that means for you - whether you're a pilot, controller, or just an observer.

If you're a pilot who's flown in Winnipeg's airspace before, you should note a few small changes you'll probably see.

  • Winnipeg Centre (previously shown on pilot clients as "CZWG_CTR") will now be shown as "WPG_CTR". The main frequency for CTR will not change (124.00).

  • You may encounter multiple Centres on at once (eg. WPG_L_CTR, WPG_H_CTR). These are new splits created to ease controller stress during high-traffic events. Controllers will advise you which CTR to contact, don't worry.

  • So you're a Winnipeg Controller! Here's what you need to know.

  • Centre callsigns are changing - if you're a Centre controller (or are certified or training for CTR), you'll be logging on as WPG_CTR from now on - so long, CZWG_CTR.

  • New sector files are here, and they are beautiful. Say goodbye to those ugly, outdated ground screens. We've rebuilt everything from the ground up.

  • If you're a Centre controller (or, as previously mentioned, are certified or training for CTR), you may see a few new additions to your sectors - Class G as well as many small fields are now showing!

  • Centre has new splits! We've finally added more splits to CTR for higher-traffic events (or if you want to go on a strange CTR, for whatever reason.) They are as follows:

  • NOTE: There are a handful of sectors that cover others when they are offline, as well as new details on splitting CTR - make sure to take a look at Winnipeg's Standard Operating Procedures for details.

    Hello, Neighbouring FIR/ARTCCs! (Drinks are on us for making you change things.)

  • Whenever you're looking for Winnipeg Centre on your end - don't look for CZWG_CTR anymore. Winnipeg will now show as WPG_CTR. The main frequency is still 124.00.

  • Winnipeg has (finally) implemented new CTR splits for our controllers - these can all be found in Winnipeg's Standard Operating Procedures, section 2.3.4.

  • Winnipeg controllers will advise all neighbouring FIR/ARTCCs of where to handoff to, if CTR is split.

  • Questions, comments or concerns? Get in touch with the Winnipeg FIR Staff HERE.