FIR Staff

Nate Power

FIR Chief

Head of Winnipeg’s day-to-day operations, manages all staff in the FIR, and keeps VATCAN updated with Winnipeg.

 [email protected]

Kolby Dunning

Deputy FIR Chief

Assists in managing the day-to-day operations of the FIR in association with the FIR Chief.

 [email protected]

Liam Shaw

Chief Instructor

In charge of Winnipeg’s training operations, and the first point of contact for students.

 [email protected]

Tavis Harrison

Events & Marketing Coordinator

In charge of the FIR's event planning, management and our social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and more!

 [email protected]

Ryan Miltenberger

Facility Engineer

Responsible for keeping a handle on the sector files and Audio for VATSIM.

 [email protected]



Winnipeg’s web guy. In charge of regular maintenance of the website and data services. Currently vacant! Interested? Email our FIR Chief.

Ethan Mason

Assistant Chief Instructor

The assistant (to) the Chief Instructor, in charge of helping manage day-to-day training, among other duties.

 [email protected]