FIR Staff

Nate Power

FIR Chief

Head of Winnipeg’s day-to-day operations, manages all staff in the FIR, and keeps VATCAN updated with Winnipeg.

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Tavis Harrison

Deputy FIR Chief

Assists in managing the day-to-day operations of the FIR in association with the FIR Chief.

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Liam Shaw

Chief Instructor

In charge of Winnipeg’s training operations, and the first point of contact for students.

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Tim Lowe

Events & Marketing Coordinator

In charge of the FIR's event planning, management and our social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and more!

 [email protected]

Ryan Miltenberger

Facility Engineer

Responsible for keeping a handle on the sector files and Audio for VATSIM.

 [email protected]

Kolby Dunning


Winnipeg’s web guy. In charge of regular maintenance of the website and data services.

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Ethan Mason

Assistant Chief Instructor

The assistant (to the) Chief Instructor, in charge of helping manage day-to-day training, among other duties.

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