Winnipeg always holds training to the highest standards. As a Winnipeg FIR student, the training we provide is always extremely professional and precise.

The 1Winnipeg System

Over the past year, the Winnipeg FIR has been busy working on building a brand new training system from scratch - the 1Winnipeg. Once completed, Winnipeg students will have the ability to study for their ratings without the need for Instructors or Mentors - and can request help from their Instructor with the click of a button. It also includes a brand new, state-of-the-art Computer-Based Training System.

All In One Place.

1Winnipeg has the benefit for students and instructors/mentors of all being in one place - always a click away on the menu.

For updates on the 1Winnipeg Training & CBT System, keep an eye on the Winnipeg FIR Blog where we post live updates on the status of this project.

Current Wait Time

Estimated Wait Time: Up to 1 Month

Students On Waitlist: 4

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