Current wait time for new students:

Up to 2 Months

Online Training

Over the past year, the Winnipeg FIR has been busy working on building a brand new training system from scratch. Once completed, Winnipeg students will have the ability to study for their ratings without the need for Instructors or Mentors - and can request help from their Instructor with the click of a button. It also includes a brand new, state-of-the-art Computer-Based Training System.

All In One Place.

The Winnipeg FIR has the benefit for students and instructors/mentors of all being in one place - always a click away on the menu.

For updates on the our new training & CBT system, keep an eye on the Winnipeg FIR Blog where we post live updates on the status of this project.

Waiting for Visiting Training?

Visiting controllers are provided training based on instructor availability, similar to standard home controllers and students. However, Winnipeg's home controllers always hold priority, so we ask for (and appreciate) your patience during what can sometimes be a lengthy waiting period.

Interested In Joining Winnipeg?

Come join the community of students, controllers and instructors in Winnipeg today by clicking HERE.

Questions? Contact our Chief Instructor!