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Winnipeg Announces I3 Promotion for Ethan Mason

  Published 22 January 2024  •    by Winnipeg FIR Staff

It's that exciting time where the FIR gets to announce the promotion of a member for not their controlling, but their commitment.

A C3/I3 is granted to members of the FIR and Division who show devotion, hard work and are keys in making the network work. They're not handed out often (I had to wait around ten years for mine!), but when they are, it's always special.

That all said, please join myself, the FIR staff and the VATSIM network in congratulating @Ethan Mason as the network's newest I3-rated member. Ethan has been in many different staff seats - from Chief, to Chief Instructor, Deputy, and more, including his current role as Assistant Chief. His tireless efforts to make sure Winnipeg is the best is just one of a million reasons this is deserved.