VACANCY: Winnipeg FIR Chief Instructor (ZWG3)

  Published 14 March 2021  •    by Nate Power 1233493

POSITION VACANCY: Winnipeg FIR Chief Instructor

After a wonderful tenure as Chief Instructor, Ethan Mason has decided to step back from the role to focus on controlling and helping other students. Thus, the Winnipeg FIR is looking for the next ZWG3!

We are looking for a professional, enthusiastic and innovative individual to work on our team. Someone who's professional, while remaining calm under pressure. Reporting to the FIR Chief and Deputy Chief, as well as VATCAN's Executive Team, mainly VATCAN3 if applicable. The position will consist of coordinating training of the FIR's students, as well as developing training programs, and coming up with creative ideas to promote the Winnipeg FIR to potential students.

POSITION: Winnipeg Chief Instructor

REPORTS TO: Winnipeg FIR Chief, Deputy Chief & VATCAN Executive Team (if Applicable)

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Leading the Winnipeg FIR's Instructing, as well as (but not limited to) the following:

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: The successful applicant should meet the following minimum standards:

Please e-mail your application, along with a cover letter addressing how you meet the requirements, along with any background and skills that may apply, to n.power[at] by 23:59z Friday, March 19th, 2021 for consideration!