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Training Changes - Instructing Specialties

  Published 18 August 2021  •    by Winnipeg FIR Staff

For months now, Winnipeg has been proud to provide what we believe is some of the best training available on the VATSIM network. However, as our roster continues to grow, our staff is aware that there are some bottlenecks in our system that could be resolved. So, today, the Winnipeg FIR is pleased to announce our Instructing and Mentoring team.

The FIR's Instructors and Mentors will now have specialties for training - meaning, some Instructors will only specifically teach students once they reach their Radar (S3) training, while some will stick to helping onboard students and getting their local (S1/S2) skills up and running. With this, the FIR's teaching team can focus on instructing on positions they believe they are best suited on, instead of having to work with the same student for their whole training.

Instructors and Mentors all have the ability to select their own specialty, of which there are three:

This will not affect any current students - no reassignments will occur. This will also not change the FIR's standard for Instructors. The Winnipeg FIR is proud to have a team of teachers who have skills across the board, and will continue to grow with that same mindset.

Instructors, Mentors and their specialties can now be found in the FIR's Discord Roles, and will be on the website's Staff page shortly.