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New CYWG ATIS Format

  Published 20 May 2020  •    by Nate Power 1233493

If you’re a Winnipeg controller who’s ever wanted to simulate an ATIS to perfection, now’s your chance.

Here is the updated format CYWG is using for their ATIS in real life – you can edit this format in the vATIS client, or if you choose to record your own ATIS. This will be updated in the CYWG vATIS files in the next release of the FIR Files.

“Winnipeg International, Information , Weather, at _ Zulu.


IFR Approach, [APPROACH TYPE] Runway [RUNWAY].

Pilots shall inform ATC of requested approach, on frequency [ARRIVAL/CTR FREQ].

Landing and Departing, Runway [RUNWAY].


Inform ATC that you have information __.