AIRAC 2008 Update

  Published 16 July 2020  •    by Nate Power 1233493

It's time for changes in Winnipeg, as we say so long to a few familiar SIDs, and hello to some new names.

Say goodbye to the ULDOL1, as it's now being replaced by the KARIS1, designed for jet aircraft ONLY. Say hello to the WLLYE1 (Walleye). Essentially, the WLLYE1 replaces the YWG1 departure for 36 - as it's for non-jets ONLY.

Speaking of the YWG1, that's now the YWG2, as it now removes the use of Runway 36 on the SID (as the aforementioned new WLLYE1 took over the need for that.) The GRZLY1 is now the GRZLY2 as well, which is only due to a climb gradient being added.

Finally, goodbye VOGIG1, hello VISUN1 (which, we think is pronounced "vision") departure. This is simply a re-naming of the SID, for what we can notice. This is, as the VOGIG was, for jet aircraft ONLY.

As always, we encourage pilots and controllers to check out the updates to the charts by reading them!