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Great Planes across the Great Plains

March 11, 2023 20:00z - March 11, 2023 23:00z

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Start Time

March 11, 2023 20:00z

End Time

March 11, 2023 23:00z

Starting @ 2000z (3pm ET) on Saturday March 11th, the Winnipeg FIR presents "Great Planes in the Great Plains". The FIR will be showing off our "Great Plains" Sector, and staffing a wide variety of controlled and uncontrolled aerodromes! Airports within The Great Plains sector include -> CYYN, CYQR, CYQV, CYEN, CYMJ/CJS4 - however feel free to fly into the Great Plains from wherever!

What does this mean? Simple! Bring your planes, file a flight plan whether it be IFR or VFR and come explore the vast regions of Southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba commonly reffered to as the "Plains".