We Are Winnipeg.

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Come explore the heart of Canada.  

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Pack The Prairies  June 26, 2021 21:00z

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CYWG_TWR on 118.300


CYWG - Winnipeg / James Armstrong Richardson International Airport   VFR
CYWG 200300Z 22003KT 15SM BKN100 BKN270 19/11 A2967 RMK AC5CI2 SLP049 DENSITY ALT 1800FT

CYXE - Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport   VFR
CYXE 200300Z 30007KT 15SM FEW100 SCT250 16/10 A2979 RMK AC2CI1 SLP097 DENSITY ALT 2300FT

CYQT - Thunder Bay Airport   VFR
CYQT 200300Z 29004KT 15SM FEW280 13/11 A2977 RMK CI2 SLP086 DENSITY ALT 700FT

CYQR - Regina International Airport   VFR
CYQR 200300Z 30005KT 15SM FEW070 FEW280 13/11 A2980 RMK ACC1CI1 SLP101 DENSITY ALT 2300FT