We Are Winnipeg.

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Come explore the heart of Canada.  

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CYWG - Winnipeg / James Armstrong Richardson International Airport   VFR
CYWG 262300Z 14019G24KT 15SM OVC058 12/M01 A2975 RMK SC8 SLP083 DENSITY ALT 800FT

CYXE - Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport   VFR
CYXE 262300Z 19006KT 15SM FEW015 BKN200 09/04 A2949 RMK SC2CI5 SLP004 DENSITY ALT 1800FT

CYQT - Thunder Bay Airport   MVFR
CYQT 262300Z 08009KT 20SM BKN024 06/02 A3015 RMK SC7 SLP221

CYQR - Regina International Airport   LIFR
CYQR 262300Z 15005KT 8SM BKN004 OVC014 07/06 A2955 RMK SC5SC3 BR CIG RAG SLP028

CYMJ - Moose Jaw Air Vice Marshal C. M. McEwen Airport   VFR OUTDATED
CYMJ 261937Z 28006KT 15SM FEW006 SCT016 BKN110 OVC150 09/04 A2951 RMK SF1SC2AC2AC3 LAST OBS/NEXT 271200 UTC SLP007

CYPG - Portage-la-Prairie / Southport Airport   VFR
CYPG 262300Z 14016G25KT 15SM OVC049 12/M00 A2971 RMK SC8 SLP068