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Come explore the heart of Canada.  

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CYWG - Winnipeg / James Armstrong Richardson International Airport   VFR
CYWG 102100Z 00000KT 15SM FEW080 SCT250 12/M07 A3029 RMK AC1CI4 AC TR SLP267

CYXE - Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport   VFR
CYXE 102100Z VRB04KT 15SM FEW020 BKN250 18/M08 A3017 RMK SF1CI6 SF TR SLP234 DENSITY ALT 2200FT

CYQT - Thunder Bay Airport   VFR
CYQT 102100Z 01006KT 340V070 20SM BKN060 08/M04 A3022 RMK SC7 SLP245

CYQR - Regina International Airport   VFR
CYQR 102100Z 32005KT 270V360 15SM FEW110 OVC280 17/M10 A3021 RMK CU1CI8 CU TR SLP249 DENSITY ALT 2300FT

CYMJ - Moose Jaw Air Vice Marshal C. M. McEwen Airport   VFR
CYMJ 102100Z 31009KT 15SM FEW080 BKN270 17/M11 A3022 RMK CU1CI6 CU TR SLP250

CYPG - Portage-la-Prairie / Southport Airport   VFR
CYPG 102100Z 25003KT 12SM FEW070 SCT250 12/M05 A3030 RMK CU1CI3 SLP270