Your Feedback

This is just some of the great feedback we've received from the thousands of VATSIM users that have flown through Winnipeg!

"For a Center in Training he is doing very well I had issues hearing him and he helped me fixed it. Cause I ended up off my approach course he took me in manually and brought me back down I really appreciate him."

Controller: Jordan Jolenaar

"Great and friendly controlling throughtout the Winnipeg FIR crossing, thanks!"

Controller: Jordan Jolenaar

"It was an enjoyable flight out of Winnipeg to Toronto with friendly and professional ATC within your FIR."

Controller: Jordan Jolenaar

"Flew a Lear jet 25 from CYBR to CYQT and James did a great profession job from start to finish. I was running a classic panel--VOR's and NDB's"

Controller: James White

"James, was very friendly and welcoming and spoke very clearly while giving instructions, A+ job James!"

Controller: James White

"Very compentent and friendly controller. Requested a SRA 18 CYWG. The controller told me that he never did this approach before. His vecoring was very precise and professional. On top of that the whole ACT (CTR and DEP) was very friendly and well trained - they made possible what ever I requested. Love to come back! :)"

Controller: James White

"Just was great! Flew through the airspace on a flight from YYC to YYZ and had him up the whole time. Winnipeg may not be the busiest airspace on VATSIM but it's very nice to fly through."

Controller: Justin

"I just want to say a huge thank you to all controllers in the Winnipeg FIR for your professional, friendly and helpful service. Keep up the great work and I look forward to many more flights in and out of Winnipeg and Manitoba."

Controller: Nate Power

"Great controller. Very professional and efficient."

Controller: Leon Aymar

"Honestly - thank you so much for an awesome, low pressure, SUPER HELPFUL, first time on VATSIM. I kept screwing up and Tavis talked me through it. Keep on being awesome!"

Controller: Tavis Harrison

Here at Winnipeg, feedback is something we have always valued. Your suggestions, criticisms and hints make us better controllers! If you haven't yet sent us some feedback about a recent experience you've had on the network, you can do so HERE.