From the Office of the Chief Instructor:

Effective May 3 @ 0000Z, all new students will be required to acquire a certain amount of hours prior to starting the next step in their training. As such, it has been decided to put hour requirements in place, moving forward:

  • Newly Solo S1s require 15 Hours on any ground position within CZWG FIR prior to starting S2 training.
  • Newly Promoted S2s require 25 Hours on any Tower position within CZWG FIR prior to starting S3 training.
  • Newly Promoted S3s require 25 Hours on any Approach/Departure position within CZWG FIR prior to starting C1 training.

Additional restrictions may set on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Chief Instructor (C/I) or FIR Chief (F/C) if required – notice will be provided to all FIR members in this case.

This policy has been set to better standardize training within Winnipeg FIR, and to continue the output of excellent students.

NOTE: All students currently in training for their next promotion will continue their current training, then will be onboarded to this new policy after receiving their promoted rating.

Should you have questions regarding this new policy please reach out to the Chief Instructor:

Ethan Mason

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